With the Slack <> PlayerZero integration, you can bring PlayerZero notifications directly into your team's main communication hub, so you and your team can stay up to date and aligned on all issues.

Key features:

Customizable notifications

Each team member can set PlayerZero event notifications based on their personal preferences.

  • New Report Uploads
  • Specific mentions (@) on subscribed reports
  • Comments on subscribed reports

Note: As a user of PlayerZero, you can "subscribe" to a specific issue, so yoiu can easily stay in the loop through notifications

A dedicated channel for debugging issues

PlayerZero will be embedded as an application in your slack workspace. What you will see for a specifc notifcation:

  • Comments with specific mentions
  • Attached issue, which includes:
    • Quick link to session in p[0]
    • Title
    • Creator
    • Enviroment


  1. Go to settings > notifications in the PlayerZero menu

  1. Flip the Slack switch
  2. All permission to your Slack workspace
    • Note: If you are not already logged in to Slack on your desktop, you will be required to sign into your workspace
  3. Select the notfication types you want for Slack!

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