About PlayerZero

Learn how PlayerZero is streamlining your issue communication workflows

What is PlayerZero?

PlayerZero brings full user context directly to the developer when an issue happens within a web application. By packaging user sessions into shareable, interactive reports, your engineering team can efficiently communicate and debug issues

What's included in a PlayerZero issue report?

Full session overview:
PlayerZero gives you all the context you need when a user reports an issue (cursor movements, API mocks, etc.) so you can debug fast and build faster. Take it one step further and share a replay with your team, communicate in context, and validate fixes.

Devtools, screenshots and more:
Want to see what happened behind the curtain and source anomalies? PlayerZero logs and presents you with session and local storage, dom snapshots, network calls and console logs.

How PlayerZero is used in your workflow

  1. While using the product, a team member or production user finds an issue.
  2. The user can then upload all of their usage diagnostic directly to the company. For this, we have built a set of intuitive upload triggers, depending on the workflow that works best for your team!
    • PlayerZero widget
    • Key command shortcut
    • Javascript API
    • Support Integrations

  1. The team can then jump into the upload report to learn more about the issue in question a unique. There are two unique ways to grab this specific session:
    • Copy and send the link directly from the upload experience
    • Go into the PlayerZero app and find it under "All Uploads".

  1. Behind the scenes, PlayerZero packaged context for the entire user session leading up to the reported error. The logged session includes all necessary context for the error.

  1. And if needed, the team can easily share the session by copying the quick link or comment directly in the report!

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